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Blind Audition of Brennley Brown in the Voice 2017 Season 12

Finally your wait is over and the voice 2017 season 12 Blind Audition is started and the first contestant in blind audition is of Brennley Brown in the voice 2017 season 12. Brennley sing Stupid boy in her blind audition of the voice 2017. She is 14 years old and she is from California. First all the coaches enjoyed her performance on the voice 2017 blind audition but only Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton turns their chair for the Brennley Brown and finally the Brennley brown confirm her place in the voice 2017 blind audition. Brennley selects team Blake Shelton for her further journey in the voice 2017 season 12.


SOURCE: http://rare.us/rare-country/this-young-the-voice-contestant-stunned-blake-shelton-with-her-take-on-a-keith-urban-hit/amp/

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